t/m 09-03-2017, Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag, 20.00 uur (inloop), 20.30 uur (start), www.facebook.com/ZefirZeven

Een nieuwe BNO Zefir7 met Lara Captan & Erik van Blokland.

LETTER STEW | Lara Captan & Erik van Blokland

Lara Captan
Falak typeface: the Making of

How do you start creating an Arabic typeface when there are no foundations to begin with? In Lara’s mind, you don’t, you look for foundations first. For over a decade, she has been observing, deconstructing and reconstructing the Arabic script in order to understand its intrinsic aesthetic and structural behaviour. The Falak typeface is a direct result of these explorations. 

In her talk, she will present the process of creation of Falak: an Arabic text type family made for both DecoType’s ACE & OpenType technologies. Falak is an elaborate experiment in finding a balance between respecting script tradition and searching for modernity in the shaping and technical production of a typeface.

Erik van Blokland
Responsive letters

Erik van Blokland is involved in universal typeface accessibility on the Internet. He will provide us with an update on the state of affairs.



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