Design Entrepreneur
Room for Concepts
The Hague
Productontwerp, Interactief ontwerp, Ruimtelijk ontwerp
Industrieel ontwerp zakelijke markt, Interactief ontwerp, Interieurontwerp
- 'A design Award - Designer of the Year nominee by the International Association of Designers
Nederland, Duitsland, Zwitserland, Amerika, Japan
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portfolio en cases van Henk-Jan Room

Interactive Bench

Door: Henk-Jan Room

an Interactive Bench that interacts with surrounding people through light. Focus: more safety in parks and bringing people together.

Beer Packaging

Door: Henk-Jan Room

the Beer Pouch is a new kind of packaging with is environmentally friendly and easy to handle for e.g. festivals.

Interactive Jacket

Door: Henk-Jan Room

The Interactive Jacket communicates through light with other people as soon as they are nearby and match your interests.

Vegetable Column

Door: Henk-Jan Room

the Vegetable Column is an experiment by taking the idea of outside, inside. Combining those worlds results in an unique environment.