t/m 22-04-2015, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, 20.00 - 22.15 uur, BNO-leden: 10% korting op alle tickets, www.apprilfestival.com

De BNO organiseert samen met Appril bijeenkomsten over apps en design. Deze avond wordt gehosted door BNO Spellbound.

Apps and the social media mixed with device-based consumption of media have changed the way we interact with the world. It has fundamentally altered the way we tell our business stories. As we shift from paper to digital, we are watching a global transformation from text-based communication to one which is short, powerful and highly visual.

We will focus on two aspects of this change: apps, UX design and the all-important icon as well as the rise of infographics; what they are, why they are so effective, and what makes them crucial tools for telling complex stories in a simple, effective way.

Two short (visual!) presentations in English with time for questions and networking afterwards.

Max Gorbachevskiy is the founder of a business infographics agency Infographer, the key player in the Russian infographics market. With the agency team, he has completed 300+ various projects, developed a project methodology, delivered hundreds of hours of workshops, wrote 400+ articles/notes on visualisation. Max teaches visualisation at British School of Design in Moscow. These days Max is busy expanding infographer's operations in The Netherlands. As an , he also launches EuroIndex.org, an innovative news delivery analysis engine for editorial teams.

Fiona Passantino founded The App Train in 2012; a creative design and development company specializing in innovative content creation for mobile devices. Whether it's apps, iPad presentations or tablet magazines, mobile websites or interactive PDFs, Fiona helps companies tell their stories for today's media landscape. Fiona is also a micropublisher, producing highly visual, animated educational apps and eBooks for children. She has published five apps for iPad, iPhone and Android tablet and smartphone. She is also a strategist and trainer, helping companies innovate, retool and rethink their messaging. 

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