t/m 09-11-2017, Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag, 20.00 uur (inloop), 20.30 uur (start), www.facebook.com/ZefirZeven

Een nieuwe BNO Zefir 7 met Hansje van Halem.

Graphic designer Hansje van Halem (1978) acquired fame with her striking typography and geometric, almost psychedelic illustrations made up of complex patterns. Whilst experimenting with the computer, she is looking

for new methods to make letters or eye-catching patterns. Her research methodology provides a multitude of sketches that often serve as starting point for new assignments.

In the past, Van Halem designed a 350 meter text monument, a 58 meter fence for Schiphol, a 100m2 church floor, a cover for the VPRO guide, recently an exhibition of over 40 patterns at the UVA Special Collections (at the entrance a warning for people with epilepsy), her third publication printed in 28 Pantone colors, and not to mention ...the new visual identity for Lowlands.

"For years I worked as a machine and drew everything by hand. For Lowlands, that would not be feasible." Just van Rossum developed a machine to industrialize her design.

Her first talk ever she gave at Zefir7, now 14 years later she tells about her work for Lowlands.


Graphic design below by Alyar Aynetchi

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