t/m 08-03-2018, Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag, 18.30 uur (diner), 20.00 uur (inloop), 20.30 uur (start), www.facebook.com/ZefirZeven

Een nieuwe BNO Zefir 7 met Alice Wong en Pleun van Dijk.

Reconstructing Truth
Alice Wong & Pleun Van Dijk

Every moment in history can be seen as a crossing. There is only one way from the past to the present but an infinite amount of different pathways towards the future. By deconstructing and reconstructing the existing, Alice Wong and Pleun van Dijk attempt to demonstrate how perspectives on truth are shaped and in a constant change. They unfold the complexity from tangible body to intangible reality.

Alice Wong is an information designer & storyteller. She enjoys conducting creative research and translates complex information into shareable stories. With her graduation film 'Reconstructing Reality' she won several awards. The film will be screened at Zefir7.

With her eyes wide open Pleun is a young multidisciplinary artist/designer in the middle of the moving and changing world. By observing and analyzing moments of transition within society she tries to create new thoughts and show a different perspective on a topic. Her installation 'Reborn' will be exhibited at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, june 2018. 

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NIEUW: Diner voor BNO-leden

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