t/m 11-10-2017, Cube Design Museum, Museumplein 2, Kerkrade, Gratis, www.businessmeetsdesign.com

Op 10 & 11 oktober vindt de tweede editie van Business Meets Design plaats. Het thema dit jaar is 'No colour, no glory'.

On 10 & 11 October 2017, the two-day conference with the name No Colour, No Glory covers the usage of colour in design and its application in products & services. The programme for the first day focusses on the science behind colours, the second day on the role of colour for the designer, industry & consumer. The various aspects of the use of colour and their interdependence with each other will be clarified by a broad group of inspirational, international experts. A selection of the confirmed speakers & subjects:

Day 1: the science behind colours
Faye Vogely (Manchester University) will talk about biomimicry and what nature can learn us about colour use. Filip Roscam (Merck, Belgium) will show how the Colour Marketing organisation determines the worldwide colour trends for designers and industry, covering branches like architecture, automotive to data communications. Siegwerk, one of the world's largest printing ink manufacturers, shows the role 'smart' colours play for corporate brands in our supermarkets.

Day 2: The role of colour in design
On the second day we'll look deeper into the impact & implication of colour science on industry and users in society. Philips will show a number of applications about their views on future use of colour in light, such as combinations with other senses like sound. Data visualization, a theme within on of Limburg's Smart Campuses, the Smart Service Hub Bizz, will be addressed by Kay Schröder from Germany. Leolux and Mosa are going to explain the role of colour is in product development now and in the future. One of the more practical subjects is the use of colour in regulation: how to use colour in traffic and as a warning system.

Ongoing display

During both days of the conference, Chloé Rutzerveld not only shows but also lets us taste how colour can be used in food. In addition, a speaker from the renowned Smithsonian Institute from America will contribute to the discussion on this subject. As side exhibition during the both days participants can enjoy a special presentation on the role of colour interpretation in art and communication, constructed especially for an similar event in Taipei in 2016.