t/m 17-10-2017, Sanaa-Gebäude, Essen (Duitsland), event.converge2017.com/europe/BNO

A conference for product and experience creators. For those who have been told something can't be done.


The European CONVERGE conference, hosted by solidThinking returns to the SANAA building in Essen Germany on October 17th, 2017. solidThinking again calls industrial designers, design engineers, architects, and others active in product creation to explore the growing creative middle ground shared by both designers and engineers.

With high level keynote speakers and Master Classes including presentations from, with and about Zaha Hadid, Faraone, Stephan Henrich Robotikdesign und Architektur, EOS, CSI, PROTIQ, APWorks, Elise Alfred Wegener Institut, Thyssen Krupp Elevators, TU Dresden, Turi Cacciatore Design, and many more, the CONVERGE Europe 2017 will cover all kinds of topics, spanning from architecture to design to engineering. The Master Classes offered in the afternoon of October 17th will provide deeper insights into how to design for style and function and design for 3D printing.

Attend Converge 2017 and explore industrial applications in which biomimicry and artificial intelligence engineering tools are helping to create sustainable solutions and to get a competitive edge. Join a community of creative designers and innovators to uncover strategies to develop top products. Attendees will learn how a clever combination of engineering tools, nature's evolutionary power, and human creativity result in game changing solutions. 

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