t/m 26-10-2017, Natlab, Kastanjelaan 500, Eindhoven, One day 75 euro (Students 25 euro), Two days 125 euro (Students 50 euro), Prices include lunch and drinks., https://www.aanmelder.nl/drive2017

An inspiring programme regarding the Knowledge & Innovation Agenda of CLICKNL.

DRIVE is the annual Design Research & Innovation Festival for designers, researchers, and their colleagues working in business and industry, government and the Top Sectors. Be there at the 25th and 26th of October for their inspiring programme regarding the Knowledge & Innovation Agenda of CLICKNL.

Learn more about new developments within the research roadmaps Design for Change, Business innovation and The Human Touch as well as innovations in the Health domain, the Circular Economy & Research Through Design projects in the creative disciplines.

28 Presentations and interactive sessions are available for you to pick and mix, according to your own special interest! Get ready to be updated on state of the art research on innovation and join in the discussion! Registration starts in september 2017.


Wednesday 25 OCTOBER - 10:00-17:00 
Knowledge & Innovation Agenda CLICKNL

The creative industry bolsters the innovative capacity of the Netherlands, in business as well as in the scientific world. This Top Sector is an important partner in generating answers to societal and economic challenges and implementing these through its creative capacity and methodologies. A strong creative industry as a cross-sectional sector offers the opportunity to reach innovative breakthroughs. In order to realize this contribution to our economy and society a strong knowledge base is needed. The CLICKNL Knowledge and Innovation Agenda aims to bolster that knowledge base. 

At DRIVE they present research & innovation that contributes to societal challenges, solutions, in which the creative industry plays a key role. Thus they strengthen the knowledge base in the roadmaps Design for Change, The Human Touch and Value Creation.

Actual topics of the Knowledge & Innovation Agenda of CLICKNL:
-Research Roadmaps:  The Human Touch, Design for Change & Value Creation
-Future Health: the Circle of Life
-Cases Public Private Partnerships
-Retail Innovation
-Curating & Disseminating Design Research  

Thursday 26 OCTOBER - 10:00-17:00  
Circular Design - ready to speed up! 

In the past 2.5 years, the Circular Design approach has been applied by more than 120 companies as part of the CIRCO program. CIRCO has mapped the challenges they face when developing and implementing circular products, services and business models. These circular drivers are now ready for their next journey. Sharing their solutions and challenges will help them and others forwards: that’s what we do at DRIVE.

Research Through Design & more,  approaches of research in design offers a new perspective on creating knowledge for the creative industry.  A wide range of Design Research projects in the creative disciplines provide unique insights into the nature of design as a research method.