t/m 19-05-2017, Zuiderpershuis, Timmerwerfstraat 40, Antwerpen, 19.00 uur (inloop), 19.30 uur (aanvang), BNO-leden: 15 euro, Normaal: 30 euro, https://www.creative-network.org/event/letstalkdesign

Een conferentie over 'design & creativity' georganiseerd door BNO & Let's Talk Design.

Onder de naam Let’s Talk Design organiseren wij samen met het Belgische Creative Network, twee grensoverschrijdende avonden.

De eerste vindt plaats op 19 mei in Antwerpen. Die avond nemen vier internationaal georiënteerde ontwerpers je mee in hun belevingswereld.  

Na afloop is er volop gelegenheid om van gedachte te wisselen met de Nederlandse en Vlaamse collega’s.

Op 29 juni 2017 wordt in Breda de 2e avond in deze reeks georganiseerd.


BNO-leden krijgen 50% korting op de toegangsprijs. Gebruik hiervoor de code: BNO2017LTD. Koop hier je kaartje. Met dit kaartje heb je ook toegang tot het Design museum Gent (het kaartje is een hele maand geldig).


Marvin Koppejan (NL)

Marvin Koppejan is the founder and creative director of Woodwork, an Amsterdam based design and motion studio. Trained in graphic design and motion, Marvin has specialised in motion direction. Gaining experience as a freelancer, working for agencies and brands both national and international, over five years ago he founded Woodwork. As the creative director he works together with a team of driven designers, illustrators and animators, combining out of the box creativity with honest craftsmanship, striving to create high-end relevant work that tells compelling stories.

Aad Goudappel (NL)

Aad Goudappel lives and works in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) as a freelance illustrator. He translates complex ideas and abstract themes into clear and powerful images. Aad creates illustrations that at first glance seem very simple. His distinctive style is characterised by the use of flat areas of color and the complete absence of lines. On closer look the mildly alienating images often contain multiple intellectual or emotional layers. This approach leads to works that are both timeless and contemporary. Aad graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and in addition followed courses at Camberwell College of Art in London (UK) and the Art Institute in Boston (USA).

Manuela Dechamps Otamendi (BE)

Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, of Spanish origin, is today a Brussels based graphic designer where she runs her own company since 2006. She teaches at ERG: École de Recherche Graphique, the institution she graduated from in 2000. Prior to her current occupations, she co-founded the studio SalutPublic in 2002 and taught at the Faculty of Architecture of The University of Liège from 2007 till 2012.

She mainly works for the cultural sector and holds a special interest for architecture. Her specific approach is guided by the quest for an inextricable bond between form and content. Her research process incorporates sensitivity to materials and production methods. The last 6 years she focused on editorial design and won several awards including a bronze medal in 2009 for “Best book design from all over the world”.