t/m 14-03-2018, Zeeburgerpad 51h, Amsterdam, 18.30 - 20.30 uur, Gratis, letterspace.amsterdam/

Een nieuwe editie van Letterspace. Dit keer met Lilian Stolk, Mantas Rimkus en Arthur Reinders Folmer.

It's clear that pictographs and symbols, through the help of smartphones and emojis, have continued to assert themselves as a dominant part of our written language. Have our alphabets begun the return to an image-based or logo-graphic language?

Three speakers, whose work analyses different angles of the emoji to explore this question in both critical and refreshing ways.


Lilian Stolk focuses on how language becomes visual. Through her background as a historian and an artist, she observes the new visual language of emoji both from a theoretical and practical perspective. She will present her view on these symbols as a modern-day "emoji expert", and consider the ways internet technologies and smartphones have changed the speed and directness of written communication.

Lilian is currently finishing her Het zonder woorden boek, over the phenomenon of image-based communication and organises The Hmm, evenings on digital visual culture.

Mantas Rimkus is a graphic designer currently living and working at LAVAdesign studio in Amsterdam. He recently graduated from Willem de Kooning academy with the Demoji project, which was developed in collaboration with his colleagues and other artists from abroad.

Widely used emojis triggered Mantas to take a deeper and more critical look at this visual communication tool. He found out that these emojis are positive, one-sided, non-critical and mainly relevant only for Western societies. As a result we miss lot of representations of critical subjects and culture-specific topics. Demoji highlights important points of critique in the otherwise beloved emojis.

Arthur Reinders Folmer is specialised in type design, typography and illustration. Through his type foundry, Typearture, he creates typefaces that are not just collections of glyphs, but type that tells a story.

With the Disclosure Dingbats he explores the ability of icons to do more than illustrate an action: What if they are able to reveal a meaning or tell a story? These Dingbats are a "what if" experiment, merging everyday usable icons with hidden messages. Consisting of relevant and irrelevant secrets, the Dingbats are filled with material to be mocked, but also explore the ability of a typeface to warp our words. 

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