t/m 11-02-2016, Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag, 20.00 uur (inloop), 20.30 uur (start), www.facebook.com/ZefirZeven

Op 11 februari een nieuwe Zefir7 met Just van Rossum.


Just van Rossum
Daily DrawBot

[From Wikipedia:] Just van Rossum collaborated with fellow Dutch typographer Erik van Blokland* to fuse programming and letterform design in a hack to the PostScript programming language. The result was the FF Beowolf typeface, the first dynamically generated typeface, which modified letterforms on the fly. Using a randomizing algorithm to generate different letter forms each time a letter was printed. FF Beowolf laid the foundation for the FontFont library. [-/-] 
*)together they formed Letterror in 1989.

We are proud to have found Just van Rossum prepared to talk in Zefir7 about his “Daily DrawBot” project, in which he publishes small programmed animations. Mostly abstract, sometimes typographic, these animated gif loops explore algorithms and math as graphic tools.

DrawBot is a Python-based tool to help teach programming to visually oriented people.

Just teaches type design and coding at KABK, both at the Graphic Design department and at the TypeMedia master program.



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