11-09-2017 - You feel the way to design and create products needs an adaptation as manufacturing is revolutionizing and the digital world spins faster every day?

Be part of CONVERGE Europe 2017 and explore the intersection of design & technology! 

You feel the way to design and create products needs an adaptation as manufacturing is revolutionizing and the digital world spins faster every day? Or just looking at trees, picking waterlily leaves and studying bird bones is not giving enough inspiration?

Attend CONVERGE Europe 2017 and explore industrial applications in which biomimicry and artificial intelligence engineering tools are helping to create sustainable solutions and to get a competitive edge. You will learn how a clever combination of engineering tools, nature's evolutionary power, and human creativity result in game changing solutions.

Keynote Speakers

With high level keynote speakers and Master Classes the CONVERGE Europe 2017 will be filled with valuable industrial design and engineering content and offer a perfect platform to network, learn and share experience.

Subsequent to the welcome note given by Jeff Brennan, Chief Marketing Officer, Altair Engineering, the first presentations on October 17th will focus on architecture. Filippo Nassetti, CoDe Zaha Hadid, will talk in his presentation Design research experiences at ZH CoDe about case studies ranging from the exploration of new fabrication techniques for architecture to product design, fashion and new media, and the knowledge increase created by each experience. Gabriele Romagnoli, Faraone will address the challenges in the design of architectural components in his presentation Development of a new lightweight aluminum profile for a glass balustrade with increased stiffness, shorter design time and reduced production costs. In the third presentation of the morning session, Robotic Design and Architecture, Stephan Henrich, Robotikdesign und Architektur, will provide insight into his work on additive design, robotic-design and architecture in physical realization and speculation.

Bionic design and additive manufacturing are the topics of the next three keynotes. In his presentation The Digitalization of Biomimicry Design from the Ocean, Sebastian Möller, Elise Alfred Wegener Institut, will focus on automated generation of complex, bio-inspired structures in lightweight design. And under the title A Tooling Revolution for Plastic Injection Molding – with additive Manufacturing and Simulation Driven Design, Stefan de Groot, PROTIQ will adress topology optimized structures in additive manufacturing.

Giving insight in their current research and results, Dustin Ahrendt (Technical) / Felix Schmitt (Design), TU Dresden will present Bend-It – Rethinking Customized Orthopaedic Devices Using Additive Manufacturing. The morning session will be closed by the joint presentation of Dr. Thomas Kuczera, thyssenkrupp Elevators & Benjamin Leblanc, Altair: Revolutionize Elevator Systems for Tall Buildings.

Master Classes

Further insight is offered by the afternoon Master Classes of this high-level conference:

The first Master Class How to Design for Style – the Intersection of Function and Design, hosted by Turi Cacciatore, will explore a design project at the intersection of virtual reality and 3D printing. It will be a step-by-step explanation of the development process that allows the creation of a 3D printed, fully customizable, virtual reality headset based on mobile technology. The project workflow covers both design and 3D modeling techniques up to the creation of fully operational prototypes.

The second Master Class, How to Design for Additive Manufacturing – the making of the #3iPRINT project, jointly presented by csi entwicklungstechnik and APWORKS, will show how to leverage the potential of modern manufacturing methods by applying new development tools as well as efficiently collaborating with development partners.

In a myth-busting session the ultimate design freedom will be discussed in the context of manufacturing reality. The attendees will gain a comprehensive overview of additive manufacturing design rules and guidelines. A focus point will be the simulation driven design methodology that shaped the structure with real world load cases.

The conference will be closed by a presentation of Sagrada Familia Foundation followed by closing remarks by Jeff Brennan, Altair.

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