30-08-2016 - Engineers are nerds. And designers are hipsters. How are they supposed to mix? 

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”
A. Einstein

Engineers are nerds. Designers are hipsters. How are they supposed to mix? The first ones see numbers and squares to calculate. The second ones want to create forms to make you feel free. How can they be interested in the same things?

It’s actually easy. There are technologies for designers, with which they can simulate the designed pieces without needing to prototype anything and the engineers can optimize weight, size, price and time to market. People use it to find new ways to design innovative products, from small items like a salt and pepper set to big products like a car.

The Conference CONVERGE 2016

Designing a snazzy desk with software? Really?

CONVERGE 2016, a conference series for designers, engineers, architects and all types of innovative product creators will show how this works and what the positive effects of the convergence of design and technology are. Not only in theory, but with real life examples from industry experts, engineers, architects, and designers such as: Franco Cimatti, head of vehicle concepts and pre-development at Ferrari, Il Hoon Roh, an internationally renowned artist and architect, Turi Cacciatore, industrial designer, Kevin Shin from Altair, Rafa Corell, CEO at Indigraf, Salome Galjaard from Arup, Franck Mouriaux from RUAG Space, Daniel Schneider from Airbus APWorks, Arjen Bender, design director at Philips,  as well as Prof. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO Red Dot Design Award.

The goal of the conference, taking place on September 20th and 21st in Essen, Germany, is to stimulate attendees and to explore the growing creative middle ground, shared by both designers and engineers. Enabled by new software, materials, and manufacturing technologies that are changing the way products are created, designers, architects, and engineers can now be even more innovate in their design and development processes than ever before.

The entire event is supported by several technology partners, presenting solutions for additive manufacturing, HPC, and product creation. The main global sponsors of the event series are EOS, Intel, and Microsoft Azure.

The Master Classes

To provide attendees with deeper insights, CONVERGE will also offer four so called Master Classes. Each of those Master Classes will cover one of the following topics in depth:

How to Design for Additive Manufacturing – Convert Freedom into Added Value
This Master Class will be hosted jointly by Airbus APWorks, EOS, and solidThinking. The strengths of Additive Manufacturing (AM) lie in those areas where conventional manufacturing reaches its limitations. The technology is of interest where a new approach to design and manufacturing is required so as to come up with solutions. While EOS and APWorks will be talking about the manufacturing side of things, leveraging their expertise, gained from many years of experience in AM and practical use cases, solidThinking will give insights into how to benefit from additive manufacturing with optimized designs.  

How to Start an Innovative Business – Leverage Crowd Funding and Simulation Driven Innovation
The Master Class on successful business foundation will be given by Vortex Bladeless and Altair. Vortex Bladeless was founded in 2013 with private capital and later supported via a crowd-funding campaign. The company’s primary goal is to develop and market a new bladeless wind energy generator, “Vortex Bladeless.” Altair has supported the project by providing software licenses and engineering services to be leveraged in the development process of this new kind of wind turbine. In this Master Class Vortex will share insights on how to set up an innovative successful technology business supported via crowd funding and simulation driven innovation.

How to Face Design Reactivity Challenge – Master the Tools for Speed and Creativity
This Master Class will focus on design tools and methods. Frank Giese from Kraftraumdesign will describe the design steps from a sketch to perfect free-forms, Thomas Liebe from AD Rem Design and Ari Salonen from Fokus Design will share their insights on the design of beautiful and functional products for today and tomorrow.

How to Design Casted Products – Early and Quick Process Simulation
The Master Class about the design of casted products will focus on design guidelines and simulation processes that need to be considered when designing a product or component that will be manufactured using casting techniques. Kevin Smith from DMT will talk about opportunities for a joint application of casting & additive manufacturing, and solidThinking will present a simulation driven process including optimization, geometry generation and casting simulation with Inspire and Click2Cast.

The Conference Host

Host and organizer of the conference is solidThinking, a provider of design and engineering software solutions. The event will be opened by James Scapa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Altair, parent company of solidThinking. In Mr. Scapa's Blog Post about CONVERGE on Altair's blog "Innovation Intelligence" on April 4th, 2016 he describes the motivation for an event series such as CONVERGE as follows: "We have a great software and consulting business, a global clientele, and a track record of putting on very impactful technical conferences. It would be easy for us to continue on our regular techno-centric conference path….but we aren’t. We are doing solidThinking CONVERGE because we believe the best days of technology-driven product and experience creation are ahead of us."

European CONVERGE 2016 takes place at: Saana-Gebäude at Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Germany on September 20th and 21st. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best and to share your experiences with fellow product creators.

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