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Thursday 6th of April – Last year my 5-year old daughter, staying with her Italian grandparents, was watching the Italian news Rai Uno. Confusion hit her when all of a sudden her mother appeared in front of her, explaining the Italian spectator about Ventura Lambrate. This was too much for her little brain... Her mother on television? How do you start to explain your kid the logic of media coverage?!  

This year we are back there – mama is back on the screen of Rai Uno. And not only once, but three times this week! Television, radio, print, all have found their way to Ventura Centrale and Ventura Lambrate and the first articles are coming in. Core77 named Lenka Vacková, Sanne Visser, Anna Gudmundsdottir, Nynke Koster, Panter&Tourron and other Ventura Lambrate and Centrale exhibitors as top picks of this Milan Design Week and Corriere Della Sera is writing a in depth piece about among others Sheltersuits. And this is only a sampling of the many articles! 




A moment that definitely deserves media coverage is the 100th anniversary of Finland. The country celebrates this with a great aperitivo in Milan, that I was honoured to be invited to by the Finnish Embassy. Over the last years I have been in close contact with the Helsinki Design Week and I've seen them put forward a great new generation of designers. Bravo!

Media is important, but equally important is bridging the design industry with the business world. Wholesaler Baars & Bloemhoff is one of those companies that very cleverly brings together sectors. They invest in connecting manufacturers with designers. I could meet the supervisory board yesterday, as part of their exhibition 'Transitions II' at Ventura Centrale. We spoke about how we need to keep on uniting all ends of the design spectrum, something I've been doing with my events and PR agency for nearly two decades. 




And now time for some giddiness, time to discuss the parties! We've only hit Thursday, but man, we had some good events happening. It started on Tuesday with an elegant dinner next to the mesmerizing installation of Lee Broom. Yesterday I hit both the special event of Lensvelt & Maarten Baas at Ventura Centrale – always ready to bring some beautiful tumult to the dance floor – and the event of IKEA together with Dezeen at the Ventura Lambrate area. The latter was extra special because we share a long history with Dezeen, who we have been partnering up with since the start... And of course we ended up in Bar Basso!

Only a few hours left and we know which of the six(!) nominated presentations at Ventura Lambrate and Centrale may walk away with a Milano Design Award. Anticipations rising, stay tuned... A Domani! 

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Margriet Vollenberg is the founder of Organisation in Design and founding art director of Ventura Projects. Ventura Projects organises design events all over the world. In Milan Margriet and her team are responsible for the organisation of Ventura Lambrate (8th edition) and Ventura Centrale (for the very first time). In this special blog she shares her day-to-day experiences with the readers of Dude, Dutch Designers Magazine.



1: Ventura Centrale (photo by Claudio Grassi)
2: Ventura Lambrate (photo by Walter Gorini)

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