BNO Business Boost (EN)


16.00 - 18.00


What is copyright and what is its use? How do you calculate your hourly rate? The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) will answer all these questions during the free online BNO Business Boost.

You will meet BNO advisor Jordi, who will discuss the most common business and legal issues that arise once you graduate.


After a short introduction about the BNO, we will discuss copyright, business opportunities and contracts. This will include the following pertinent questions, such as:

  • What is copyright and what is its use?

  • How do I make sure someone else doesn't run off with my idea?

  • Which contracts are relevant to me as a designer?

  • What are general terms and conditions and how can I apply them?

  • Freelance or paid work?

  • How do I get commissions?

  • How do I calculate my hourly rate?

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Do you have any questions? Please contact us at juridischadvies@bno.nl.