BNO Zefir7: Cool coding


20.20 - 21.30

Online (locatie), Online

Image by Mika Schalks

More screen stuff? Yes, more screen stuff. But we found some really good screen stuff. Two teams who deliver contents in an immersive fashion. We are exited to present:

The virtual grotto generator by Rudi van Delden and Daniël Siegersma

and a generative cinematic experience by Studio Pointer*.

Both teams will tell about the current state of their web-based projects.


Rudi van Delden and Daniël Siegersma followed up a scenic road trip through the southernmost part of The Netherlands to document Lourdes grottos with the creation of the virtual grotto generator http://grotto.nu/. Currently, they are working together on a documentary on neo-Gothic dog kennels, mock ruins, and other architectural follies. This film will also show the succes or flop of the construction of their own folly.

Studio Pointer* is going to present a selection of past and ongoing projects. Most recently, they have been working as members of the Lithuanian Space Agency, a collaborative fictional organisation which is founded by artist Julijonas Urbonas and researches space architecture and gravitational aesthetics. At the LSA, they worked on a dynamic gravity-inspired lettering and developed a real-time 3D scanner along with astrophysical simulations of human bodies in space. Next to that, studio Pointer* will share their other work that primarily comes out of their numerous experiments with digital media.


The livestream will take place on YouTube / digital doors are open at 20.20 hrs.