BNO Zefir7: new signatures


20.20 - 21.30

Online (locatie), Online

Every year we give the stage to talented students to present their graduation work in great detail. This edition of 'New Signatures' Zefir7 and BNO The Hague present Edward Dzulaj, Céline Hurka and Suzanne Schols.



Céline Hurka, KABK MA Type & Media
Version, variable fonts

Version is a typeface collection inspired by the distortions that occur in visual reproduction processes.

The project consists of 4 experimental variable fonts, which are optimized for large sizes and animation. Each explores how factors such as medium, resolution, optical distortion, movement, and perspective influence shapes and contours. By questioning conventions in type design and technology the project offers a new perspective on legibility and reading habits. 


Suzanne Schols, KABK BA Photography
Polite Fictions, Behind the public face of diplomatic gifts
Photo project and photo book 

Throughout history, the exchange of gifts has played a central role in the conduct of international relations. While the rules, traditions and culture of gifting evolve, it remains a universal ritual.

Schols' Polite Fictions examines this gifting ritual in the diplomatic arena. What role do gifts play in fostering international relations today? What messages do they carry? And what can they tell us about the relationship between two countries?

Intending to research the meaning and significance of diplomatic gifts, Schols' camera was denied access by the authorities. Both the government of the Netherlands, her home country, and the European Commission did not allow her to take photographs. Only in carefully controlled environments is it possible to see, photograph and interpret diplomatic gifts.

By contrasting what is seen in public with what is happening behind the scenes, Schols created new representations of the gifts and their fate. Stored away and concealed, they underline both the prudence and practicality of European diplomacy. 

Polite Fictions uncovers the paradoxes of diplomatic gift exchange and portrays a system of conflict avoidance and securing interests.


Edward Dzulaj, KABK BA Graphic Design
Paradise Apples, website and print

In my project, I'm stressing the danger of far-right notions spread in Poland by political party ONR and some others. ONR (short for National Radical Camp) was founded in 1934. It is a far-right Polish organization with doctrines stemming from pre-Second World War fascism. 

For the graduation project, I created Private Press, wherewith the help of a scalpel and airbrush I managed to manually censor the whole content of ONR from the last 86 years, and by doing so I changed the frequency of the voice of far-right and removed them from the history. The process and the outcome of censoring are shown in the (Riso) book, posters, and web extension.


The livestream will take place on YouTube / digital doors are open at 20.20 hrs.