BNO Zefir7: New Signatures


20.00 - 22.00

Stroom, Hogewal 1 - 9, 2514 HA, Den Haag

Foto: Alt-dentity, Giang Nguyen

Every year we give the stage to the most talented graduates to present their work.


Hyeonjeong Joo – KABK

In Korean society that values relational-self within a group rather than independent-self, an individual's clear voice has vanished; and if you don't fit into that atmosphere, you get branded as a ‘misfit.’

FIT IT ALL!! is a rhythm game where you experience how individuals have become uniform and powerless through a girl’s growth story in a fragmentary way using the symbolic language of ‘uniform.’ While playing the game, people will naturally surrender to the uncomfortable atmosphere of collectivity and will be captivated by the internalized uniformity. Let's feel the rhythm by entering the uniformed world by internalized pleasure and conformity.


Marcos Kueh – KABK

Am I exotic because I am exotic?

Am I exotic because they want me to be exotic?

This strong urge to get down on my knees,

Maybe it is because I am confused and like to please.

They told me my problems were small village problems,

so I made them big – larger than life for em’;

Too dull, too boring, headspace pain inducing,

so I made it colorful, for the eyes entertaining.

Foto: Giftige Waarheid , Isa Defesche | Marcos Kueh

Paulina Trzeciak – KABK

Chasers of Promise: Towards Desirable Future(s) examines the aftermath of the Polish transition from communism to capitalism followed by the logic of ‘shock therapy’ that was employed at the beginning of the 90s. Today, as a result of this economic plan, Poland faces a rising nationalist movement and a powerful Catholic Church which is heavily involved in politics.

In the video work Paulina Trzeciak is wearing wedding garments from her parent’s bridal salon founded after the fall of the communism. Her parent’s desire to join the emerging business elite paralleled thew unleashed national desire to chase the promise of the American dream.


Isa Defesche – WDKA

Giftige Waarheid (Toxic Truth) is a book containing 4012 pieces of data received through Citizen Sensing about the pollution in the area around Tata Steel. The close collaboration between Defesche and the residentsof the IJmond resulted in a book of more than 700 pages.

Parts of this printed with the emissions caused by the factory. By means of a self-developed method, these emissions can be converted into ink. The book toxic truth will soon be forwarded to the Public Prosecution Service via Bénédicte Ficq, the criminal lawyer who assists the victims in the process that follows the declaration they have made.

Foto: Chasers of Promise, Pauline trzeciak | Fit it All, Hyeonjeong Joo 

Giang Huong Thi Nguyen – WDKA

Based on a study about Metaverse marketing tools and their impacts on human identity, Alt-dentity is a search for a more conscious identity in the virtual world. The project attends to cultural identity, a crucial part of human identity. It promotes individuality as the most beautiful aspect of cultural identity, acknowledging that cultural experiences are always distinctive, even among people within the same cultural group.The visualization focuses on an individual's Vietnamese cultural identity and observes it from a contemporary perspective.

Alt-dentity challenges and accepts the alterations of traditional materials caused by interaction with different cultures and a sense of belonging to multiple cultural groups. Cultural materials that link to personal identity are picked out, refined, and redesigned to form a trip in the VR environment. The narrative follows the creation of ‘the self’ by absorbing and processing cultural materials from the surrounding world.

BNO Zefir7

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