CDF: Diversity in Design


10.00 - 13.00

Social Impact Factory, Vredenburg 40, 3511 BD, Utrecht

Photo: Diego PH (Unsplash)

We kindly invite you to join us at our next Creative Directors Forum which will take place on 11 April from 16:00 to 19:00 hrs in the Berlin space @The Social Impact Factory.

The Creative Directors Forum is held (live) twice a year for our BNO member agencies. The event aims to provide tools and facilitate knowledge exchange to help Creative Directors and Design Team Leads to perform at their best in these roles. This next edition is organised by Stefan Pangratz (Creative Director Mijksenaar) and Dewi van de Klomp (Project Manager BNO).    

What to expect?

The main topic of the event is Diversity in Design; “What actions can Creative Directors take to cultivate and manage diversity in their practices?”

Easy you could say, just make sure you hire a more diverse group of people, right? However, in practice it seems more complicated than this as the previous CDF has revealed.

On wide request, we would like to explore the topic, share experiences, and get ideas on how to implement this in our day-to-day work.

Speakers Bob Corporaal (CLEVER°FRANKE), Anna Noyons (Ink) and Joost Overbeek and Cees van Dijk (Alleburen) will each give a talk and share how they embrace diversity as an asset for design practices to create more inclusive and impactful solutions.

Following the talks, Stefan Pangratz will host a discussion with the attendees. This could be an interesting opportunity to exchange thoughts and to see how different agencies deal with similar challenges.    


15.45 hrs. – Walk-in

16.00 hrs. – Talks & Discussion

17.45 hrs. – Next Topics?

18.00 hrs. – Drinks

19.00 hrs. – End


Bob Corporaal is Design Principal at CLEVER°FRANKE. The past 15+ years, he has worked on a diverse collection of innovative consumer and professional products in healthcare, e-commerce, travel, and mobility. At CLEVER°FRANKE, he is responsible for evolving and growing the design practice. Together with his team, he continuously refines their approach, process, and tool set to adapt to ever-changing design challenges and opportunities.


Anna Noyons (1984) is a social designer and the founder of (ink). social design. Anna has a study background at TU Delft and the Design Academy. In 2010 Anna started her own studio (Studio Anna Noyons) with clients such as: HEMA, Municipality of Amsterdam, Bever Sport and others. Between 2013-2017, Anna was Chief Product Officer and part of the founding team at Peerby, an app that allows you to borrow stuff from people in your neighbourhood. The app won several awards and was featured in the New York Times. In 2018, Anna founded (ink). studio, where she works with a permanent core team and a large flexible pool of creatives.

Joost Overbeek (1966), Creative Director, graduated at Artez in 1992. He was founder and designer of studio Overburen in Amsterdam until 2019. In 2019 he founded design studio and social enterprise Alleburen. With the support of Cees van Dijk (1991) who is working at Alleburen and has a multimedia background, mainly in the Arhnem cultural stock, Joost will share which actions he takes to cultivate and manage diversity within Alleburen


Please register for this event by sending an email to Dewi van de Klomp via the link below.