Female Gaze


17.00 - 20.00

Broeinest , Aambeeldstraat 10, 1021 KB , Broeinest, Amsterdam

On Thursday 10th of October Wiesner-Hager presents the event 'Female Gaze' at Broeinest Amsterdam. Speakers are Sanne Schenk (TANK), design duo Lucy.D and Femke Derks (Frankly Amsterdam).

What made them earn their big reputation? What projects and designs made the difference? And what kind of obstacles did they encounter and what does the future hold?


Studio Lucy.D was founded by the designers Barbara Ambrosz and Karin Santorso in 2003 in Vienna. The two designers are active in product design and architecture and develop inspiring and practical products. The duo received the Wallpaper design award and the Compasso Door.

Sanne Schenk is founder and partner of TANK and graduated in 1999 as a designer at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. With a wealth of experience (20 years) as a successful entrepreneur, she is closely involved with the business side and development of one of Amsterdam’s leading design studios: TANK.

Femke Derks is the founder and owner of the Frankly Amsterdam textile brand. She found her love for textiles at Danskina, where she started as a trainee and soon became a director. Together with her partner Johan, Frankly Amsterdam – former Fem Home – saw the daylight.


  • 17:00 Walk-in

  • 17:20 Introduction

  • 17:30 Lucy D

  • 18:00 Femke Derks

  • 18:30 Short break

  • 18:45 Sanne Schenk

  • 19:15 Drinks & Bites