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FOLKS & DUDES #1: 'How to pitch your idea'

  • 10 nov. 2018
    10:30 - 12:30
  • Amsterdam
    Amstelvlietstraat 4 , 1096 GG
  • Duurzaamheid

What is a good (sustainable) idea and how do you make it better? This is a subject of importance to all designers, creatives and marketers out there. On Saturday, November 10 we’ll discuss the topic: ‘How to pitch your sustainable idea’. Three young, sustainable designers will be invited on stage to pitch their idea, product or service to David Snellenberg of DAWN. 


Our guest speaker is David Snellenberg, ex-president of ADCN, voted ‘best in the business’ (by Adformatie), and co-founder of the award-winning agency Dawn. Snellenberg will select the three final candidates based on the originality and potential longevity of their idea, and how well they’ve thought through its development. On November 10, he will review each idea and offer immediate feedback.


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David Snellenberg (Dawn) / Foto: The Folks Magazine / Jerome de Lint 


Determined to do something both colourful and practical to help secure a viable future for everyone, Laurens van Dort (28) founded Fairf in 2016. Fairf is a start-up brand of eco-friendly, sustainably and ethically produced bio-based paints with a sideline in enterprise-related activity for the less fortunate. By offering a better alternative to standard paints, Laurens hopes to take on established brands, and has ambitions to expand rapidly in the Netherlands. Find out how he set up the company and what challenges he foresees, and what David Snellenberg would advice him to overcome those challenges.

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Planq is a design studio that was founded by three young creatives, Joris Kortenhorst and twin brothers Anton and Dennis Teeuw, and subsequently named one of the ‘Sustainable Young 100’, a list of the top hundred ventures led by young entrepreneurs and professionals who combine sustainable innovation with environmental awareness. By creating products from recyclable leftovers, such as KLM flight attendant uniforms, textile overstock and cast-off jeans, Planq bridges the gap between contemporary design and environmentally conscious solutions. And by sourcing its materials as locally as possible, it helps raise environmental awareness. 

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Industrial designer Bas Froon co-founded SeamlesslyShapingTextiles in 2017 with fashion designer Karin Vlug. Together they aim to create a positive impact on the social, ethical and environmental problems of mass production of textile products, by setting up a network of ‘local production hubs’ where designers and shops can digitally produce ‘on demand’ series of textile products. At the same time they are also plan to help big companies to make their business more sustainable and competitive. At Folks & Dudes, we’ll learn how David Snellenberg can help them shape these plans.

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The new, circular-philosophy-based QO Amsterdam will be the venue for this edition of Folks & Dudes. 


Although this call for submissions is in English, please take note that the live event will be in Dutch.


Buy your tickets below. They are limited, so don’t wait too long! Visitors are offered a special two courses lunch arrangement for €19,95 each in restaurant Persijn of Hotel QO. Reservations can be made at the Persijn-website mentioning ‘Folks & Dudes’.


Folks & Dudes is an initiative by Dorien Franken (founder of The Folks Magazine) and the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO), publisher of Dude, Dutch Designers Magazine. Folks & Dudes is a pop-up event that aims to surprise and inspire and help young creatives to grow and connect. 

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