Hack The Crisis

03.04.2020 - 05.04.2020

09.00 - 17.00

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, with humanity facing major health, economic and societal challenges. Trying to find ways to tackle these challenges, #hackthecrisis, a global movement of hackathons, was born. From Latvia to Germany: tens of thousands of people joined forces online and have already created some amazing solutions, making a real impact in people’s lives. From April 3rd to 5th, #hackthecrisis is coming to the Netherlands.

The online hackathon will focus on solutions in fields such as patient care, protection for medical and sanitary staff at hospitals, virus containment and digital solutions for people and business in quarantine.

To come up with the solutions, motivated people with a wide range of skill sets are needed ranging from health professionals to artists, from developers to communication specialists and from supply chain to blockchain and AI experts (and anything else really).

When you believe you have valuable ideas or skills, we invite you to join us in Hacking the Crisis! Startups with proven solutions for the challenges of this crisis are also invited to join as a team. Together we have one aim: Hacking the crisis!