Letterspace #15: Nicole van der Keur


18.30 - 20.30

Letterspace (locatie) , Zeeburgerpad 51H, Letterspace, Amsterdam

Op 22 mei een nieuwe Letterspace dit keer met typograaf Nicole van der Keur.


Typewriter type styles

Thanks to the recent Footnotes issue C, we became aware of Nicolien van der Keur’s fascinating research into typewriter styles and their influence on letterpress typefaces. This research started as a PhD at the University of Leiden that had been supervised by Gerard Unger. We are happy we could convince Nicolien to present a part of her research at letterspace correlating with the publication of her text. We will sell a few hardcopies of Footnotes for 20 euro, please let us know in advance if you are interested.

In her research Nicolien van der Keur investigates the relationship between the design and production of typefaces for print and for typewriters. Central to her research is the question: how do particular styles influence one another and what are notable differences deriving from the technical limitations?

Next to the rationalisation of glyph widths, typewriters also have a limited set of signs, like punctuation marks, that forces the typist to come up with creative solutions for emphasis or creating lists.

The typewriter, both analog and digital, is making a comeback. The distinctive style of a typewriter can be mimicked with advanced OpenType features as seen in Trixie by letterror. Others like Luke Winter or Álvaro Franca with his Typewriter Portraits embrace analogue machines. 

Nicole van der Keur

Nicolien van der Keur is an independent type designer and graphic designer based in The Netherlands. After her education in graphic design she worked for several years with agencies and publishers before she founded her own studio in 1999.

Her experience with type during her work with complex books, magazines, and corporate identities sparked her interest further into how typefaces and typography reinforce each other. This curiosity directed her to the University of Reading (UK), where she received an MA degree in 2007, specialising in designing a typeface for dictionaries and other complex, high-density text environments.

Nicolien’s special interest is in the combination of designing typefaces and then working with them to produce a desired effect. Nicolien published the typeface Sirba with TypeTogether.

Over Letterspace

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