Letterspace #19: Jasper de Waard


18.30 - 20.30

Letterspace (locatie) , Zeeburgerpad 51H, Letterspace, Amsterdam

Trust your eyes, they said. But why do your eyes keep fooling you? Or is it your brain that’s fooling your eyes? These are the questions that brought Jasper de Waard to the field of cognitive neuropsychology. Jasper is a type designer by night, and scientific researcher by day. He investigates visual perception, attention, and learning through experimental research.

In this talk, you will learn why horizontals appear thicker than verticals, why a Roman looks back-slanted after working on an Italic for a while, why the slash through your ł should not be continuous, and whether the left diagonal of the V should be thicker than the right one. With a little luck, you will also learn about the brain, about how much we don’t know, and about how we learned what we do know.

Jasper de Waard

Jasper de Waard (Rotterdam, 1996) has been designing fonts since he was 12. He studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at Amsterdam University College and is currently in the second year of the Master Cognitive Neuropsychology at the Vrije Universiteit, where he also works as a research fellow. He has published in the scientific journal Vision about thickness perception, and on ilovetypography.com about type design. A collection of his work can be found at bureauroffa.com.

Over Letterspace

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