Service Design Days 2022

16.09.2022 - 17.09.2022

09.00 - 20.30

Disseny Hub, 37-38 Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, 08018, Barcelona

Service Design Days is a transdisciplinary conference for forward-thinkers and change-makers; strategists and practitioners, entrepreneurs and leaders, influencers and facilitators who are involved in product and service innovation and the (digital) transformation of organisations. The event focuses on human-centred design and connects strategic designers with business strategists and many other problem-solving minds.

This year the 7th edition of Service Design Days will take place in Barcelona, on September 16th and 17th, 2022. The program offers two days of insightful masterclasses and case studies, and new views and knowledge from experienced keynote speakers.

Foto: Service Design Days 2021

More than ever, design has a role to play in the tackling the problems our society and planet is facing and designing for positive change. We can be activists, rebels, leaders and dreamers of what the world could be. Let’s replace short-sighted plans with long-term visions. Trade quick profits for long-lasting success. Shift from persisting interactions to behavioural interventions. And act small by envisioning something bigger. The time is now to create value that can make that future happen! the organization says.

Foto: Service Design Days 2021

“As individuals, businesses, and governments, it's in our nature to focus on the present. Being in tune with the now keeps us alert and aware of the potential opportunities as well as problems that lie in front of us. However, with so much in flux, we need to look further ahead. Despite the urgency of present actions, we shouldn't lose sight of long-term challenges. It's time to start designing a better future for all.

Foto: Service Design Days 2021

“Designers and other creative thinkers possess a unique mindset and toolkit to empathise, pinpoint pain points, connect the dots, tell the story, visualise future scenarios and contribute to positive transformation by designing valuable products and services for people and the planet.”


How does LEGO add playfulness in exploring the future? What can we learn from Red Cross in how to find patterns in crises? What’s the secret of Polestar’s alignment with innovation? More than just stories for inspiration, these are some of the case studies that fill the SDD2022 conference agenda.

Foto: Service Design Days 2021

At the core of the conference remain the 10 workshops, combined with 4 lectures and 16 talks. They all have a different set-up, and focus on themes like systems thinking, ethical design, design leadership, DesignOps, futures thinking, and more. All speakers offer highly engaging sessions linked with their experiences and knowledge areas, such as anthropology, psychology, service design, UX/experience design, ethical hacking, and human emotions. They work at companies like Philips, Polestar, Red Cross, LEGO, BBC, H&M, agencies like IDEO and Livework, and other organisations and universities.


Join SDD2022 and access more than 15 hours of live content! Missed a session? Or you cannot join the event Barcelona? Don't worry. SDD2022 offers you the possibility to buy a special ticket for replay access of the talks. For more information, tickets and the latest news on this year's line-up check the website below.