Intern design -sustainable energy for (tiny) houses

  • 18 Jun 2020 - 24 Jul 2020
  • Eindhoven
  • Architect , Fulltime , Industrieel ontwerp , Interieurontwerp & -architectuur , Stage
Ideaology is looking for an intern design -sustainable energy for (tiny) houses. Would you like to join Ideaology? Please apply by sending a cover letter, resume and portfolio to

The company

Ideaology is a young innovation bureau with innovation expertise, strong conceptual suits and multidisciplinary development experience. We are also part of a consortium that is developing applications for a patented energy producing technology that is based on temperature. The material promises to be cheap and shows potential in multiple areas. One of these is (tiny) houses. 

Odoo CMS - een grote afbeelding

The position

We have an opening for an intern with an Industrial Design background who is enthusiastic about tiny houses. Application of the technology in tiny houses is the logical first step in the product development for homes, and a very important one considering the impact and popularity that tiny houses have in our society.

We want to know how our technology can be of added value in people’s (tiny) homes. What are current experiences with energy and energy neutrality of home owners and corporations that own tiny homes? We are looking for empathy maps, journey maps, interviews, multiple case studies, etcetera; whatever research technique(s) you need to learn more about what kind of product is required to truly add value to tiny house owners in the quest for energy neutrality without impeding daily use.

We are interested in possible use cases and your research results. Which application is most likely to be accepted by both users, tiny house owners and other stakeholders? Which application is affordable and likely to close the step to true energy neutrality? Which value proposition will be a success in this field? In your design work you will need to use your research results, analyse stakeholders and consider economic factors. Are you up for it?


We are looking for the following characteristics in our interns:

  • You are a great planner and work in a structured way;

  • Your drawing skills and/or other prototyping skills are very okay to great. Please provide examples;

  • You are a motivated researcher in addition to a happy designer: we consider both aspects of development activities equally important;

  • You are an innovator with ideals. Please communicate your ideals and provide us with practical examples from your design work, hobbies or volunteer work that show your beliefs;

  • You are eager to contribute to a real project and to co-work in a development team. The team is multi-disciplinary and consists of participants of various ages and genders;

  • We prefer students with ambition and those who perform on a high level. We want you to show us your level and ambition with your grades, prizes and/or letters or e-mails of recommendation from your professors or previous internships. If you do not have any of the aforementioned, be creative in convincing us that you are the best choice. We are curious!

Odoo CMS - een grote afbeelding


We have a brand new office in Eindhoven, in which you will have your own desk, unlimited coffee/tea and space to work on any prototypes. Ideaology will provide the materials required for your final prototype and any other basic office supplies that you require during your assignment.

You will get an internship mentor who will coach you during your assignment. You will be part of the team but work on your assignment in specific.

If we are a fan of your work and if you like the project, we might want you to stay working on the project in next development phases. If earned, you can get a letter of recommendation on request.

Other information

This internship has been approved by the department of Industrial Design of TU Eindhoven.
The internship starts in August or September.
You receive Dutch social security benefits.
You are required bring your own laptop, software, devices and specific design materials (sketching materials etc).
We estimate that this assignment is also fits a graduation thesis assignment. Do contact us if you are a graduation student and if you are interested in this assignment.

Apply today

Please apply by sending a cover letter, resume and portfolio to Please apply as soon as possible but before 24-7-2020. Include any attachments such as grade lists, letters of recommendation or any other document that you consider relevant. Also contact if you have any questions.