Bureaus & Ontwerpers

Marie Declerfayt

  • Eindhoven
  • Design research , Food design , Productontwerp ,

Systems Trail

Systems Trail is a set of outdoor equipment responding to the human organ systems: digestive, nervous, skeletal, urinary, lymphatic, and muscular. Each station proposes a movement customed to take care of the corresponding system and reflects on the bodies biological mechanisms in its shape and aesthetic.

Botanical Bodies

Could we use plants as a raw material for the creation of human compatible organs? What if the body could progressively merge with the vegetal world? What if we consider our body not as an independent set of organ, but as an organism constantly evolving toward a symbiosis with plants?

Cellular Encounter

How does drinking milk wage war on a cellular level? The Cellular Encounter Table Game makes the inside visible on the outside through reenacting the intestinal immune process happening following the consumption of industrial milk.
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