36 Truths consists of selected diary fragments, selected from my writings of the past eight years, that are to be saved for far future generations. To preserve them, the fragments are printed on small pieces of paper and put inside concrete blocks (20x20x20cm). On the outside is a numerical translation of the fragment, the idea is that the 'language' of mathematics is more pure and doesn't change as fast as spoken or written languages. While writing I'm often in search of the truth, or what that could be for me. The series of 36 blocks is accompanied by a 'codex' - a document that shows everything I've written, also translated to numbers and with a graphical section.

36, onderzoek, etsen, typografie, onsterfelijkheid, dagboek, archief, taal, taalproblemen, codex, mixed media, beeldende kunst, fine art, fotografie, beton, boek, artez, finals 2015