Amphia is one of the biggest peripheral hospitals in The Netherlands, located in Breda. In cooperation with Michelle Haak we’ve designed their new identity.

Amphia is an innovative organisation which wants to give their patients more control if they wish so.
After multiple interviews we came to the conclusion that the specialists who work at Amphia wished to profile themselves more clearly within the organisation, to show what they’re really good at.

Over the years Amphia realised they no longer wanted to be seen as a 'standard' hospital, so together with Amphia's communication department we decided to leave out the word hospital all together, and instead focus on the specialisations within Amphia.

The result is a lively identity, one which will allow itself to grow along with the organisation. As the identity has not been completely revealed yet, this is just a preview, and there's much more to come...

Ziekenhuis, Dynamisch, Zorg, Identiteit