Call it contemporary nostalgia, new originality or the purest form of Dutch Design; Blue D1653 brings together the best design of two eras in one collection. Why the name Blue D1653; Blue for Delftware, 1653 for the founding year of Royal Delft and D for design.

With the Blue D1653 collection Royal Delft combines the time-honoured trade of the Master Painters with the power of modern design. Interaction between the present day and history, expressed in a unique collection of decorative objects and consumer products for food, mood & lifestyle.

Royal Delft was established in 1653 and since then has been the largest and most important producer of Delftware. Today it is the only remaining producer in Delft from the 17th century. The assortment varies from classic to modern design whilst tradition is the binding factor. Through the introduction of Blue D1653, Royal Delft shows that, in addition to tradition, innovation also comes from Delft.

Blue D1653 wants to contribute to the longstanding tradition of Royal Delft whilst infusing it with a joyful look that is befitting of our contemporary lifestyle.

porcelain, earthenware, delft