Four of Holland's leading public transport operators merged to form an integrated bus, tram, train, ferry and taxi transport system. In the face of widespread negative perceptions of public transport, this new company needed branding and positioning in a way that would gain trust, respect and credibility in a sector where all are usually in short supply.


Our research led us to position this brand as an 'enabler', allowing passengers to achieve their aims which, in turn, spawned our emotional brand definition: 'Bringing People Together'. This translated into Connexxion, with its ownable spelling and powerful visual communication device - the double arrow brand marque. Add a strong colour palette and both shine like beacons across livery, literature, signage, interiors and uniforms. After a meticulous implementation, Connexxion is now equipped with a complete identity system that has restored faith for both passengers and employees. Connexxion is now the largest public transport bus company in the Netherlands and is attracting investment from major players in the transport arena.

Corporate Branding, Brand Naming, Brand Strategy