dance4life is the biggest youth movement in the world, raising HIV and AIDS awareness across five continents, uniting participants in a common cause through dance and music. The existing identity was outdated and did not connect well with its audience. We were asked to design a much more dynamic and engaging identity to inspire and sustain enthusiasm and commitment from young people across every culture.


Our big brand idea, 'Become The Beat', hands the baton to the world's youth, inviting them to change the world through their own self-expression. The bold, graffiti-style brand marque has credible energy and spontaneity and engages with young people on their own terms and in a relevant, universal language. It flexibly adapts to every media, as well as to the three sub-brands covering education, work skills and drama. It is also easily customised for clothing and all forms of communication materials, reinforcing the notion that individuals can take initiative to make positive changes in the world. The logo even doubles as a speech bubble for endorsements from dance4life ambassadors such as Kofi Annan and DJ Tiësto.

Corporate Branding