The Summery

The "Final Degree Show" branding project for the Cambridge School of Art in 2016 made in collaboration with designer Danielle Rip Gill. Our design decision was inspired by the music, fashion and distinct personality of David Bowie. The theme of the project was to give young designers graduating a strong platform to showcase Their work (and get an "Electric Eye" on them).

The Project

The exhibition was to Primarily represents the graduates for 2016. These students were from various different disciplines within the school of art, so different color-ways were created to spice up the exhibition and branding to reflect how diverse the talent was within the school. The pattern theme was inspired by David Bowie as, during the time, he was in the public eye and represented diversity, creativity and passion, all qualities the art school Promotes every day. Multiple mediums and formats needed to be designed for, zoals fliers, posters, invitations, banners, catalogs, digital media and short animated gifs.


During the project we usefull to manage the communication, pricing and meeting with various heads discipline to Discuss the design and progress ENSURE everyone was happy with the end product. There was a lot of diplomacy, compromise and consideration to get the best possible design for the students and the members of staff.

diploma show, pop culture, patroon, branding, tentoonstelling