The Summery

Commissioned by Fine Art students at Cambridge School Of Art in 2015, this catalogue was designed in such a way that all work presented in it is respected and treated evenly. This is primarily due to the structural design of the document, which also influences the aesthetic goal to make the design refined and modern.

The Project

The catalogue was specifically for the Fine Art students at the Cambridge School Of Art, so the design of the end product was directly influenced by what they had in mind to represent them. A challenge which occurred during the creation of the catalogue was the question of how to represent each student individually without upstaging any of their other art collegues. The solution to get around this issue was to design a structure in the design of the book which gave more space to images which required more width, and vice versa to ones which needed more height. This removed the need to shrink most images and all of them within the same size-range. Recycled cardboard was used as the cover with the title debossed into it to exude an air of refinement the artists desired, vibrant orange in-leave pages were included to contrast the refinement with an element which was fun and modern, representing the artists perfectly. 


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