Following our successful branding of ID vodka, Al Ahram asked us to help create a new, premium limited edition aimed at young, wealthy, image-conscious men. In a market where most bars and clubs operate a bring-your-own policy, imports attract kudos and self-expression is through brand choice, this new Egyptian vodka had to ooze desirability for its target audience.


We challenged the foreign competition head-on by emphasising ID's Egyptian roots. In a country and culture where the gem carries exceptional value and resonance, we created the Black Onyx Edition. Discovered by the ancient Egyptians, this precious stone enriches ID with a brand story that no rival can match. Bespoke 3D detail and crafting translates the brand's signature fingerprint into richly textured strata and adds a powerful yet stylish symbol of wealth and success: a solid, masculine ring, complete with a strategically-positioned onyx stone. The gem itself integrates with the brand's existing equities to create desirable, premium merchandising and promotional materials. A supremely confident status symbol, ID Black Onyx Edition is the brand to be seen with.

Packaging Design, 3D & Product Design