Intervet wanted to increase sales by cultivating brand loyalty amongst vets. They wanted to gain a 'breakthrough' competitive advantage for their three global branded vaccines. To be 100% effective, vaccines must be kept at optimum temperature until the moment they are administered, so this was a prime concern.


Through observation and research, we discovered that, in most vets' surgeries, time-pressured regimes led to vaccines sitting un-refrigerated for hours before being injected, risking the health of customers' pets. Using innovative chiller technology, we designed a slim, portable, wall-mounted unit with a simple, bespoke refilling system. For vets: quick, easy selection and removal, better stock management and a guarantee of optimum temperature. For customers: visible reassurance that their vet is giving the best to their pet. For Intervet: a vaccine dispensing system that set the industry 'Gold Standard', locking in existing custom and attracting new.

3D & Product Design, Innovation