As the quick serve retail market was evolving and becoming more premium, KFC's menu was growing significantly in terms of size and complexity. At the same time, the recession was squeezing consumer spending. KFC asked us to push their point of sale menus to work harder than ever. We needed to improve menu navigation and enhance customers' brand experience at point of purchase, as well as increasing food values.


It was vital to keep the food as hero so we introduced real-setting photography and a more sophisticated colour palette to add premium cues. At the same time, we simplified the boards to accommodate more product copy whilst guiding customers to the most relevant area of the menu more quickly and logically. All without removing any products from the list. Calculations show that the new design should break even and pay back in 8 weeks, making the project self-funding. Our new menu boards also won a Gold Design Effectiveness Award - a clear indication of their commercial success.