Humares Group had acquired a number of specialist industrial, technical, maritime and engineering recruitment companies. They asked us to create a unified and confident identity under the Maintec name, to appeal equally to their clients, staff and temporary placement personnel.


It was clear to us that Maintec's portfolio of agencies had all the right tools for the job but they were hard to find because the communal toolbox was in a bit of a muddle. They needed a tidy toolkit - a 'Toolkit For Talent'. That big brand idea became Maintec's strapline and the foundation of its brand identity. The company's honest, dependable, no-nonsense approach is expressed through high quality photography of realistic models and scenes, along with strikingly simple colours and fonts, suggestive of heavy-duty construction industries rather than recruitment agencies. The toolkit image applies imaginatively across all touchpoints, including corporate literature, advertising, shop-fronts and website. This Dutch market leader is now increasing its profile in Europe and the rest of the world.

Hr & Recruitment, Corporate Branding, Communications