Developed during a self-publishing class at Pratt Institute, led by Liz Seibert and Leigh Mignogna, this book is a compilation of work made by all the participants of the class. In collaboration with Xiaoping Ma and Jieun Yue, I designed the graphic language for this book. All participants of the class were instructed to research and develop topics related to the past, present, and future of self-publishing, so we felt that was a strong starting point for the system of the book. We decided to use only type and color to indicate the main and individual sections of the book, foregoing any page numbers because we wanted to reinforce the collective and experimental effort this book represents.

Essentially, we treated and manipulated the typography of each section in a way we saw representative of its respective time period: handwriting (past), slit scanning through Processing (present), and projecting (future). The title of the publication refers to the editorial structure and design decisions of the book.

The book was subsequently published on

self-publishing, boek, blauw, samenvatting, collectief