As football evolved rapidly into big business during the latter part of the 20th century, UEFA understood the need to move with the times. They renamed the European Cup 'Champions League' and asked us to create a brand identity to inspire supporters and attract global sponsors.


The founding eight leading European teams prompted our big brand idea of the eight-star ball logo. Although the League has since expanded, this powerful emblem still holds strong more than fifteen years later. Originally in black and white for maximum stand-out and to avoid clashes with team and sponsor colours, the star ball formed the basis of a revolutionary new and flexible corporate identity for football. Early success brought rapid development into an all-round sports brand experience, including stadium dressing, ticketing, press packs and award trophies and ground-staff kit, as well as the ball itself. Ground-breaking centre circle dressing created the first football brand theatre and Champions League's high visibility made a massive contribution to the sport's televisual potential, drawing audiences of 3.5 billion within its first four years and attracting TV rights of £1.42 billion within its first decade.

Corporate Branding, 3D, Product Design