Unilever's yellow fats category comprises a staggering 40 brands across 50 countries, many with totally different identities from one country to the next. They asked us to create a unified global brand identity to communicate their brand vision: 'Growing Great Kids'. Many of the brands were already very strong in their respective markets and the new identity had to embrace those brands without jeopardising their success.


Our hand-drawn flowers in a sunny meadow present a deceptively simple visual identity that has grown from a strong brand strategy. The new branding talks to all parents using cross-cultural visual language and symbolism. It communicates growth and health in a universally engaging way. It conveys warm, sunny optimism and inspires trust. It is also easily applied to any packaging format and detailed brand guidelines guarantee that promotional items, literature and print conform to a unified visual identity and a common brand positioning - anywhere in the world.

Artwork & Print Production, Packaging Design, Brand Strategy