Finnish rail network, VR, had a sparkling new fleet of trains but no branding or livery. VR works in partnership with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation to reduce harmful emissions and promote landscape restoration but how to convey that credibly and distinctively?


Our intuition told us that the trains themselves were the key. They literally take people on a journey through the landscape and are the ideal vehicle through which to engage and spark the imagination. Deliberately challenging the category's usual design approach, we commissioned Finnish illustrator, Kustaa Saksi, to create scenes from the landscape. Bears catch salmon, swans fly over lakes and owls blink in the moonlight. The Finns see their countryside, wildlife and national character endearingly depicted on VR's trains - and they love it. It's not often that a national rail network becomes a talking point for all the right reasons but such has been the response to our livery design for VR.

Corporate Branding, Sustainability