Sustainability Awards 2022

The international competition for sustainability in packaging, welcomes entries from across the packaging value chain! Submissions close on 28th March.

The Award has a mission to illuminate the most important sustainable innovation across the packaging value chain in order to accelerate positive impacts and nurture cross-fertilization of ideas.

New for 2022

Since introducing the 'Pre-Commercialized' category in 2020, the Award has been overwhelmed by the volume and variety of submissions from early-stage R&D, start-ups and innovations not yet on the marketplace. In response, the competition is launching five new categories that aim to reflect the breadth of inspiring and game-changing work on the innovation horizon.

Award ceremony

The finalists will be announced by Packaging Europe on 30th May. Winners of the commercialized products / initiatives section of the competition will be announced live at an awards ceremony and gala dinner at the Sustainable Packaging Summit on 13th September.

Winners in the pre-commercialized categories will be announced at a separate event later in the year.