Avery Trufelman on Memberful Design

How does a trend become a classic? Harald Dunnink sits down with Avery Trufelman of Articles of Interest, a critically acclaimed podcast about what we wear.

For years, Avery Trufelman was part of 99% Invisible, a wildly popular show on design that’s been around forever. She helped Roman Mars tell stories about how the world gets built and where ideas come from. There, Avery created a series that blew everyone away: Articles of Interest, a podcast about the history of what we wear and what we say with the clothes that cover our bodies.

Now, let’s embrace the things that are invisible because of their everydayness and celebrate new beginnings — a new, independent season of Articles of Interest and the launch of the Memberful Design podcast. What can we learn about telling a good story and crafting the future, from someone who has radio in her blood and design on her mind? 

Harald Dunnink in conversation with Avery Trufelman

The Memberful Design podcast is an evolving study of how firestarters spark lasting initiatives. The first episode with Avery Trufelman is now live on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Memberful Design is a visual journey too. You can view all the designs that Harald Dunnink and his guest discuss, by visiting the show’s gallery – at memberful.design.


5 gallery highlights from this episode:

  • Avery is the host of Articles of Interest, a podcast about what we wear and say with the clothes that cover our bodies. The new season dives into the fascinating history behind a particular look that has come back in style again and again and again: American Ivy.

  • Memberful Design is the evolution of a previous knowledge-sharing initiative by Momkai in partnership with BNO: the Dutch-language podcast Verwondering. All of the episodes are still available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Listen to conversations with Hussein Suleiman, co-founder of Daily Paper; Piet Oudolf, the most sought-after garden designer in the world; and many more.

  • To be a true nerd of design there’s one podcast to rule them all: 99% Invisible. A wildly popular show on design that's been around forever, at least in internet terms. Since 2010, its creator Roman Mars has been telling stories about all the thought that goes into everyday objects that most people don’t think about.

  • Avery created two seasons of the Nice Try! podcast: an artful show about big dreams that didn’t go as planned, designs that went nowhere, and products that made, kept and broke promises of self-improvement.

  • Can you imagine a utopian society where we wouldn’t need any pockets to store our keys in? Listen to Avery’s ode to those uncalled-for pouches in our clothes in this episode of Articles of Interest.