Robert Klanten on Memberful Design

Renowned publishing house Gestalten is the global tastemaker in books for creative communities. Harald Dunnink sits down with Robert Klanten, the driving force behind the publishing house.

Books are the perfect gift. They transport us across borders and open doors to fascinating communities. In today’s episode, we journey to Berlin to visit publisher Gestalten’s headquarters and chat with founder and CEO, Robert Klanten.

Gestalten has been a global tastemaker since 1995, with a keen eye for the driving forces behind various communities, expertly spotlighting the characteristics and aesthetics that make them distinctive.

Harald Dunnink in conversation with  Robert Klanten

From renowned designers like Charles & Ray Eames to travel, fashion, and even cooking, Gestalten covers it all. They showcase intimate cultural portraits and inspiring individuals from communities across the globe. Join us as we explore the secret to Gestalten’s lasting impact and learn how you, too, can write your own captivating story.

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5 of our Gestalten favorites from this episode:


Monocle, a global affairs and lifestyle magazine, has collaborated with Gestalten to publish a series of books that focus on various aspects of contemporary culture, design, business, and travel. These books offer insights, guides, and recommendations on topics ranging from urban living to entrepreneurship, appealing to a wide audience of discerning readers.


Spaces matter to Gestalten. Take The Touch, a book by Kinfolk and Norm Architects published by Gestalten, emphasizes the importance of human-centric design that engages all human senses. Featuring over 25 spaces exemplifying haptic design elements, the book includes stunning photography, interviews with design industry leaders, and references to philosophy and art history. Additionally, it profiles influential architects and highlights heritage design pieces that have shaped this movement, promoting a deeper understanding of the concepts explored in the book.


Robert as an entrepreneur is eager to explore the unknown. Roads unknown. Like Autoban, the Turkish designers whose wonderful projects are documented in this striking book.


Gestalten’s Out of the Blue, showcases Finland’s unique design culture. This book looks at legendary figures like Alvar Aalto and heritage manufacturers such as Marimekko, Iitalla, and Artek, as well as a new contemporary generation of chefs, explorers, makers, and entrepreneurs.


Podcast host Harald: “22 years ago I bought my very first book from Gestalten, Narita Inspected, a view on Japanese graphic design. It introduced me to this scene and inspired me with unexpected work. Above all, it allowed me to identify with a community far from home.” Compiled and edited by Lopetz from Swiss design collective Büro Destruct, an avid lover of Japanese culture and computer games, Narita Inspected reflects the entire variety of the scene’s genius in comprehensive work samples, self-portraits, interviews, biographies, pictures of work environments and everyday visual culture.

Discover more classics by Gestalten in the visual gallery of this episode.