Letterspace #33: Johannis Force Team


11.00 - 13.30

Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam, NDSM plein 27, 1033 WC, Amsterdam

Doors and live printing: 19.00 hrs

Start program: 19.30 hrs

Free admission & drinks.

Dress warm according to weather!

We have been looking forward to this presentations since we first saw this extraordinary project at GWA, which connects old and new modes of printing. The apprentice program — consisting of four people learning the craft of book printing with vintage machines — was assigned the creation of a typographical agenda.

Rather than picking some of the many typefaces at the print workshop, the group started 3D-printing punches. This was possible thanks to the expertise of their forward-thinking jeweller Karlijn working with contemporary techniques and equipment.

Right on time for the holiday season, we will be presented with the hurdles overcome, a live printing demonstration (16:00 - 16:30) and having fist dips on a 2023 agenda preorder.

Photo: Johannis Force Team

A few months ago, four strangers met on the playground of Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam. Hungry for knowledge they have delved into ancient ways of printing. On their way they met Johannis. A hundred-year-old, always curious machine that wanted to try out some new techniques. So they fed him with 3D printed resin letters and some fancy slick designs, until he had become fat and content.


At his silent presence, they continue on an experimental journey to make other machines happy too. At some point in the future they will reach the finish with heads full of knowledge while holding in their hands an amazingly done agenda. But at this moment they are very happy to share all that fascinating experience with others!

Johannis Force Team

  • Maaike van Cruchten - filmmaker, lecturer Interactive Design at the HVA, with a love for animation and infographics.

  • Maarten Brinkman - visual artist, visual arts teacher and a great past in the publishing profession.

  • Karlijn Kuin - artist, art teacher and in possession of a 3D printer with which she makes jewellery, among other things.

  • Silver Joseph Bosch - graphic designer, visual artist and activist, with a great love for typography, bookbinding, animation and textiles – and everything that can bring those areas together.