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Roland Pieter Smit

  • Roland Pieter Smit is a designer with a clear mission to put needs, desires and human well-being at the centre of all he does. It means, designing concepts and products people feel comfortable with, support the actions in daily life and strengthen human behavior. ​ It also means insight into t

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WOLWAEREN HANDMADE TX Sheep shearing often costs more than the revenue from the wool. For Dutch farmers, sheep wool was a by-product. And that’s what intrigued social entrepreneur Roland Pieter Smit to search for new possibilities for this wool. Looking for local techniques and work force to initiate a chain supply system, he joined the „Maartenhuis”, a social work community for people with disabilities on the island of Texel. He discovered that everyone in the community has their own talent: people with autism work very sophisticated and re ned with thin threads. People with Down syndrome are more in skilled with thick threads, because they enjoy fast results. Fascinated by their unique personal skills, Roland recognised the potential in each member of the community. That’s why his next step was to develop yarns that were the best match for the various disabilities. This produced a subsequent challenge: ordinary looms couldn’t process Roland’s yarns. The practically minded Roland developed his own weaving frames in which he enlarged and simplified the weaving process, also stimulating social interaction of its creators. The result is a beautiful series of woolen blankets and rugs with a recognisable authentic look, each with the unique ‘signature’ of the creator.


Stoneware On the basis of his vision, and seeking possibilities of developing special earthenware tableware, it was in Nepal that Ro Smit found the answer to all the criteria he had set. Respect for the craft The craft of the potter is as old as human civilisation. Despite modern influences, many communities in the valley of Kathmandu are still involved in the traditional manufacture of earthenware and, with great pleasure, still provide for their daily subsistence from behind their trusty potter’s wheels. Not cast serial products, but unique hand-crafted earthenware made in accordance with centuries-old traditions. The unique fine clay, with its characteristic colour, is extracted from the river bed in the valley of Kathmandu during the first half of June and stored in an age old manner, in order to be further processed later in the year. Social aim On the basis of crockery which he himself designed, Ro Smit wants to make a contribution to the further development of micro enterprises in Nepal. By developing new products, he wants to stimulate the traditional culture, feed production capacity and, supported by the World Fair Trade Organization and Fair Trade Group Nepal, help the craftsmen in the promotion of honest and sustainable trade.


Ervaar je het weefproces door zelf te weven op het bijzondere nieuwe Weefraem in het TextielLab. Het Weefraem is, in opdracht van het TextielMuseum, ontworpen door Roland Pieter Smit van @studiorosmit. Volg de instructies en weef in een aantal stappen mee aan een gezamenlijk eindproduct! #textiellab #textielmuseum #textiles #makersmuseum #wijmakenhet
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