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Stefanie van Keijsteren

  • Research & Design RENS (Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren) is a research-based design studio. From Eindhoven (the Netherlands) the duo initiates projects in which colour often plays a key role.

  • Eindhoven
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  • Productontwerp , Design research , Vrije vormgeving , Expositie- & tentoonstellingsontwerp


Colourful coffee tables made entirely of ceramics. Produced in collaboration with Cor Unum, based on the idea and colour process of Colour Traces and Reddish. Three colours are used for the ink: yellow, cyan and black.


n this special
 collaboration between DESSO and RENS, the two designers 
work on the creative process transforming each 
individual rug into a new work of art, extending the 
product’s life. 

 By using a manual dyeing process on the out-of-date
 collections, the carpets are re-coloured with red dye.
 The colour red makes a bold statement signaling 
to people that textile materials should not be wasted.
 The interacting yarns and red dye produces new and 
unique colour shades every time, giving each rug 
its own identity and renewed creative life.


Auping shows colours RENS makes it visible Years of valuable data had been hiding in Auping’s order history and sales figures. RENS analysed colour and customer data. The designers made instantly visible what many knew, but what nobody had ever noticed. Nighty-Night Colours is a colour study based on orders. How Auping customers became part of design thinking.
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