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  • SLIMDESIGN develops intelligent smart products, ranging from Internet of Things (IoT) devices to smart mechanics for ambitious startups and multinationals.

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  • Industrieel ontwerp , Brand & corporate design , Productontwerp , Designstrategie & -management

ANGELCARE baby monitor

Video, sound and movement baby monitor for smartphones. The angel-shaped nightlight is subtly integrated into the body. The adjustable camera leans forward gently as if looking down into the crib, giving the product a distinct caring character. SLIMDESIGN created a new design language and gradually implemented it into the rest of their product range.

NIKE modular retail system

The Modular Retail System SLIMDESIGN developed for NIKE, is a display system that travels all over the world and is used to present the new collections in temporary settings like meetings or pop-up stores. We optimized the overall usability and logistics through a reduction in volume (frame and fabric backing), improved handling (dedicated flight cases), reduced set-up time (tool-less assembly) and increased flexibility (integrated graphics). The first version was very successful (a 1 km wall was produced and used over a period of 7 years). When NIKE changed their store identity, they commissioned us to upgrade the system to fit the new store design.

PANASONIC security camera

The security camera we developed for Panasonic, is world’s first mobile monitoring camera. The Nubo camera can work independent from Wi-Fi and set up anywhere, even outdoors because it is water resistant. With its wide angle, IR night vision and HD video quality it monitors valuables anytime, anywhere. When the camera senses movement or sound it can send a notification to your phone.
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