Bureaus & Ontwerpers

Nina Dekker

  • Fashion designer with a love for textile and visual storytelling

  • Uden
  • Modeontwerp , Textielontwerp ,


Brotherhood is an exploration into the emotional bond within military units, originating from historical military photographs from around the world. The collection uses various ways of textile design and references to vintage military garments to tell a story about love and loss and the importance of human connection.

Urgent Storm

This collection is an investigation into the world of violence. The visual inspiration for this collection comes from protest movements, riots and soccer hooligan culture. It fascinates me how people who participate in a riot or protest improvise with garments in order to become protected and or anonymous.

Boys playing war

I am fascinated by the transformative power of dressing up. If you hang your coat on your head, you can immediately become a superhero. This collection investigates the interplay between childhood and adulthood trying to balance surrealism, humor and fantasy on one hand and every day life at the other.
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